Before purchasing our membership, please read our terms and conditions carefully.




  • 12 months membership.
  • Members will enjoy special discounts from our partner companies of different categories like online stores, restaurants, hotels, hospitals etc. View our partners list.
  • We manage extra discounts occasionally from companies for our members.
  • Regular discount updates.
  • We help members to find best products at best prices.
  • Premium support from our dedicated support team.


Things you need to know:


  • We don't provide refunds.
  • Any partner company may terminate partnership relation with us anytime. You won't be able to enjoy discounts from them afterwards.
  • You are the only person who can use your membership card and enjoy discounts.


If card is broken


Though our membership cards are made with quality but if  your card is broken, you have to reapply for the card with proper evidence of the broken card and have to pay another 300 tk to get a new card.


If card is lost


If membership card is lost, you have to reapply for the card and have to pay another 700 Tk to get a new card.

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