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Kiwi is one of the fastest growing companies in the world which is made for travelers by the travelers. Kiwi offers flights, trains and buses at a cheap rate that you can afford and book them for you. The vision of Kiwi is not only to make traveling simple but also accessible to everyone. This fastest growing company started their journey back in 2012 but within a very short time they have conquered a lot. Now Kiwi has more than 1900 crew members, 8000 daily bookings and branch offices in nine countries. Kiwi has become so big that their sales were $925 million in 2017 and are expecting 25% growth in the next year. Kiwi helps the travelers to fly within their budget and they are providing it very efficiently and according to the wants of the travelers. This is the main secret behind their huge success.

Kiwi is actually giving the customers an offer that they can’t refuse. You can book your flights, buses and trains at an affordable price and enjoy your traveling. They will book for you at anywhere in the world including Bangkok, India, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, London, Dubai etc. Kiwi is not only booking flights for you but also rooms and cars for you. But they are not providing the services directly instead they are doing it through partnership. Kiwi is offering room bookings with their partner Booking.com and car bookings with Rentalcars.com. They are working together to give the customers a superior service.

Kiwi is giving you the opportunity to access to your documents anywhere, anytime and they have also kept a backup option named Kiwi.com Guarantee so that you don’t have to suffer if the flight gets delayed or canceled. This company is always ready to serve you and this reflects on their actions. They have kept a 24/7 customer support system so that the customers can get to know anything at any time.

Whenever you get into the website of Kiwi, you will see the options from, to, departure and return. These options give you the full authority to select your destination and duration of travel. If you write the name of a place from where you want to travel, Kiwi will show you the top destinations where you can go. They show you not only the suggestions of the places but also the details and prices. The airplane fare of Kolkata to Bangkok is £95, Kolkata-New Delhi is £58, Canada-Paris is £267, Canada-New York is £130 etc.
As you can see that the fare they charge is much lower than other traveling websites.

If you want to take the services of Kiwi, then you need to register or create an account first. You can also plan your holiday over here which means you can select each and everything from here starting from booking flights to hotels and cars etc. The price of these are based on your choice or you can also plan according to your budget but the prices that you will get here are comparatively low than others. Kiwi has always been trying to give the best offerings at a low price and this is their secret behind becoming successful.


Kiwi Coupons

Though Kiwi.com offers the cheapest flights, they offer exclusive coupon codes as well. You can choose from our exclusive Kiwi coupon list. You can also get coupons by referring your friends to Kiwi.com. First, visit Kiwi’s website and select the departure, destination and the date you want to travel. Book your desired flight and go to checkout.

Then find a suitable coupon from this page and apply it on the checkout page and you’ll get your desired discount.